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5 Random Facts

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Okay well………

1. I’m a senior in college and double majoring in Sociology and Psychology. I WILL be graduating next spring. Yay! Later on down the road I want to get a master’s degree in Social Work because I really do enjoy helping people.

2. I hate waking up early in the morning. 

3. I love Klaroline, and if you don’t who or what that is, YouTube them because they are epic okay. Don’t judge me.

4. I like to research topics about health, hair, fashion, and DIY projects on YouTube. 

5. I’m interested in traveling. Hopefully when I get to a certain place in my life, I will be able to travel to other countries and experience other cultures and learn from my experiences.

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Jul 30, 2014

I asked my brother what he wanted for his birthday tomorrow. He said……

"I want some socks, all black socks from Footlocker." 

Me: -___- Really……

Bro: Yea, I need them.

Of course being the nice little sister that I am, I cooked him something. I’ll  get him a gift card to Footlocker along with socks.

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Oh yeah….

I got a job, I start on Monday. Yay!

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Julie Plec TRIED IT!

How are you going to blame KCers for your two characters flopping with the audience. Last time I checked, we don’t write your tv show. Don’t try my OTP Julie.

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In today’s GPOY. Thank you for being a friend, cheesecake.
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Praise dancers be like


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